Bulli’s Pit Town

pit town bulli

BULLI Pit Town (pictured about 1885 above) was located on the first escarpment bench, to the north of the original Bulli Coal Mine portals and workings. The town was located on the southern side of a creek, and consisted of about 16 or so cottages for the miners working at the Bulli pit. Very little remains of the town today, except for a few footings. The town has been reclaimed by the bush.


The inhabitants of Pittown here are thinking of making a try to get a post-office for themselves.There are nearly as many persons residing near the colliery as there are at Robbinsville (Thirroul), and as they reside as far from the post-office as the people of the latter place they think they have aright to a post-office. There are also several competent persons ready to conduct such an office for £10 a year these bad times.

  • Illawarra Mercury Tuesday 21 February 1888.

COTTAGES OBJECTED TO – In a report to the Shire Council, Inspector Hiles recommends the demolishing of 16 cottages on what is known as Bulli Pit Town. The report states that the cottages have been erected for nearly 50 years, and are in a dilapidated and insanitary condition.

  • The Illawarra Mercury reported on Friday October 1914.


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