Strange Sights at Bulli: The People Puzzled

“Bulli, we want your five pubs”. (Picture, of course, digitally altered)

IN common with residents in other parts of Australia, the people of Bulli, New South Wales, are not behind the times in seeing and marvelling at the mysterious lights which appear suspended in the eastern and western skies.

The people of Bulli, however, go one better than the average sightseer. They saw two of these lights in the western sky, they came into violent collision, and the impact was so great that the sound could be distinctly heard like the distant roar of jailing waters.

On Monday night several inquisitive residents of Bulli proceeded to investigate the lights by means of a telescope, and on their authority it is stated that it looked like a distant world, on which they could plainly see a group of gigantic creatures illuminated and adorned by a celestial radiance quite foreign to anything on this earth.

They appeared to be trying to signal to the earth, and one in particular, who seemed to have control of the others, was so enthusiastic about it that he wanted to jump right off to this planet, whilst the remainder of the group were doing their best to restrain him. Then a dark bank of cloud crossed over the sky and the silent watchers went home.

It is believed locally that the nocturnal illuminations were caused by the Martian peoples who have got word that the American astronomers are about to establish communication with them by signalling. It might be mentioned that this is the district recently subject to the tiger scare.

  • Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) Friday 20 August 1909.

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