Cross dressing gentlemen

jokersPRACTICAL jokers are to be found everywhere, and even in our little town (of Wollongong, NSW) there is no exception to the rule.

A day or two ago one of these practical jokers was at work in one of our local hotels, and caused quite a fureur amongst some of the boarders.

It appears, that in the ‘still hours’ of the night, after all had retired, some ‘person or person unknown’ went through the different rooms and exchanged the wearing apparel of each slumberer, which was certainly no robbery, only that in the morning things were a bit confused.

One lodger without noticing the difference drew on short pants of another to his utter disgust, and on further examination discovered that the shirt he had just put on belonged to his friend.

Other lodgers were equally annoyed on discovering that their garments had been exchanged for others far too large and clumsy looking. Such a state of affairs is highly reprehensible.”

– Wollongong Argus December 12 1888.

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