Lonely surfies

beach 1960sAustralian Women’s Weekly 1964
Letters Page

A sandy’s lot.

“WHERE are all the sandies?” the boys are asking.
My boyfriend describes a sandy as a brown-skinned, brown-haired girl who carries her boyfriend’s surfboard to and from the beach for him and then sits on the beach in a bikini, watching him catch the heavies.
Occasionally she is permitted to wave to him, but her eyes are never allowed to wander toward any other males, and, of course, she doesn’t mind how long she is left alone on the sand.
For this she is permitted to sit beside her handsome hero!
If this is what boys are looking for in summer girlfriends, I am sure there will be many surfies very much alone.

– G. Stone, Woonona, NSW, Wednesday 9 December 1964.

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