Old Bulli’s not dead yet

bulli main street 1894

Old Bulli Village C1890, looking south along today’s Prince’s Highway in front of Bulli Public School (Orvad’s Denmark Hotel can be seen in the distance on the right)

old bulli 2

A Google Street View from the same angle at Óld Bulli’ in 2015.

OLD Bulli is more alive than the men in other places of mushroom growth think. She can spoil the little ‘game’ of those who want to have great post offices and to burden the country with more taxation. ‘Go to bed !’ say we to you Woonona toilers. You can’t raise a progress committee. We don’t want your cemetery, which you were dying to get open, and now it’s “as dead as Julius Caesar” — as Woonona will be soon. Things are not dead in Bulli yet, take my tip. Look you; Bulli mine will be nourishing when Woonona mine is stone dead. As for all the land between the mountain and the sea, it will be covered with homes of happy members of a village settlement in a very short time.

-Bulli Correspondent, Illawarra Mercury Tuesday 8 May 1894.


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