Scarborough house moves two feet closer to cliff edge

goodridge street scarborough

Goodrich Street, Scarborough today. Photo: Google Streetview

A CURIOUS story was before a Bulli Shire Council meeting in 1934, when Mrs Harris, of Goodrich Street, Scarborough wrote complaining that her residence and land were both moving gradually eastward towards the ocean.

The Shire president, Mr Morrison, explained to the council that he found the claim so bizarre, he decided to make a special visit of inspection to Mrs Harris’ home, which proved that her complaint was justified.

For some reason beyond his knowledge, he told his fellow councillors,  the residence had moved forward about two feet in a short period, while the fence remained intact.

Grave doubts were raised regarding the residence, the media reported in July 1934. However, they needn’t had feared. Today the cottage has stopped moving, is perched on the cliff-edge, with uninterrupted coastal views, and its value has sky-rocketed!

Of course, I’m joking.

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