Strange Sea Monster


“A mysterious monster of the sea was observed by three residents of Scarborough on the South Coast, on Wednesday. It appeared to be at least 80ft [25m] long, like a huge eel, and at times raised a long neck in the air. It is believed to be the same strange marine dweller that was seen off Bellambi recently.”

– Newcastle Morning Herald Friday 4 July 1930.

A few weeks earlier four men, fishing off Bellambi, claimed to have seen a sea serpent 30 feet (9.1m) long and with a mouth large enough to take in their boat and its occupants. They declared the monster, when only a few feet from the boat, raised its neck and head about six feet (1.8m) out of the water and rolled like a seal. The monster followed the boat for over a half-mile. For the full account see The Bellambi Sea Serpent.


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