On the Bulli road

On the Bulli Road 1890

On the Bulli Road – Drawn from a photo by Kerry and Jones.

Persons in the habit of travelling along the Bulli-road will be familiar with the spot shown in our illustration.

The road winds round a hill, not far from the sea, and the scenery is of the loveliest. The soil is rich and the vegetation luxuriant.

In describing the Bulli Pass and its approaches, Mr. Judge McFarland says :-

“The transition from the sandy soil and stunted trees, the brown heaths, coarse grass, wretched herbage, and utter loneliness that one sees and feels before arriving at the Pass, to the rich red soil, fig and gum trees, cabbage- tree and other palms, fern trees and ferns, sassafras and ‘lilly pillies’, trailing vines, coral trees and sweetbriar, note of birds and hum of insects, that burst on the eye and ear from the moment it is gained, until one arrives at the foot, is almost incredible — so great and instantaneous is it; for the Pass, curving along the mountain’s brow, winds its way amid earth and rocks, precipitous cuttings, and overhanging trees, shrubs, and plants on the right; and upon the left, hundreds of feet below, are deep abysses of forest rolling from you to the sea, and each covered by innumerable trees, palms, myrtles, and vines, impenetrable bush and quivering foliage of endless variety, outline, and beauty: while the wailing and flashing of the sea can be seen and heard at many a point, as it frets against the beach or stretches to the far horizon; and the north-eastern shores of Illawara, its strands, and promontories, knolls and meadows, homes and villages, sweep inwards, and complete the magic picture.”

– Sydney Mail February 15 1890.

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