North Bulli Colliery, Coledale


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Slideshow of North Bulli Colliery, Coledale, NSW. Photos: The Sydney Mail February 1 1905 

THE beginning of the coal mining industry in Coledale led to the expansion and development of the area.

Coledale’s first coal mine was opened in 1889 but was abandoned because of problems with underground water. This mine was redeveloped as the North Bulli Colliery in 1902 and was connected by rail to the Illawarra railway.

The North Bulli Colliery was officially opened in early November 1903.

The mine had an incline down the hillside and a railway siding. One hundred hands were employed.

Coal cutting machines were installed in the mine and production increased during 1904. The 50 coke ovens built in 1905 were increased to around 100 in 1908.

The North Bulli Colliery closed in 1926. Several attempts were made to re-open the mine and cokeworks during the Depression years but it was eventually abandoned.

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