The Bulli Pass


The Devil’s Elbow

elbow bulli pass

L. Marshall has no fears: — I read with much surprise the letter of “Narrow Escape” regarding’ the elbow on Bulli Pass. Being a constant user of the Pass Road and travelling over it every day, as I drive a transport motor, I am surprised to find “Narrow Escape” not knowing that on big hills like the Pass it is advisable to get into second, or even first, gear, as it helps to hold the car. I also notice on the Pass licensed drivers often come down in top, or even neutral, and so rely on brakes alone. Had “Narrow Escape” gone down the Pass before the new road at the elbow he probably would have for gotten to take the turn, as it was then almost a right-angle, not a curve like it is now.

– Daily Telegraph Saturday 4 February 1928


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