A visit to Helensburgh & South Bulli Pits

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AS part of the 1929/30 Royal Commission into the Australian coal industry (Davidson Commission) an official party visited Helensburgh and South Bulli Collieries (Bellambi) in June 1929. The slideshow pictures shows the official party visiting Helensburgh and Bellambi. The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported June 12 1929:


IT WILL NOT BE FOR THE WANT OF FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE if the Coal Commission does not bring the problem a little nearer solution. Yesterday the Commission turned miners, and probed about in the bowels of the earth at South Bulli and at Helensburgh. The top left picture shows some of the official party on the pit-head train getting ready for the dark descent. A pit head study of Justice Davidson and two friends (top right). “Black diamonds” from down under (centre left) Two brothers share a match (centre oval). “Trucking” coal (lower left), and “Smithy” Dan Downie has been doing this for 25 years.


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