Clifton girls help Coledale Hospital by staging a fundraising bazaar in old shop

Coledale Hospital C1920

The Clifton girls who organised a bazaar to raise funds for Coledale Hospital. Front row: Hazel Johnston and Esther Caiger. Middle row: unknown, Joyce Caiger and Edna Johnston. Back row Dorothy (Dotty ) Johnston, Vera Chapman and Alma Johnston. Other names are not mentioned.

Cherylyn Fenton sent ‘Looking Back’ this fantastic picture of her grandmother, Hazel Johnston and her great auntie, Alma Johnston on the occasion when they organised a miniature bazaar to raise funds for the Illawarra Cottage Hospital at Coledale Hospital in 1920.

The photo is believed to have been taken at Coledale Hospital with nurses, and was taken from an album belonging to Cherylyn’s father, George Fenton, who was born in Moore Street, Austinmer in 1929. George Fenton has written on the back:

Back row: Dorothy Johnston, Vera Chapman, Alma Johnston

Second row: —- , Joyce Caiger, Edna Johnston

Front row: Hazel Johnston, Lester Caiger, —- Cavill.

Cherylyn writes: Hazel and her sister Alma were always involved in their community. Hazel was a foundation president of Austinmer Ladies Bowls, while Alma was treasurer in Wollongong.

The South Coast Times’ Scarborough-Clifton correspondent reported the fundraising effort on Friday May 7 1920:

What can be accomplished in the direction of assisting a deserving cause was strikingly exemplified at Clifton on Friday afternoon last, when nine or ten little girls conducted a miniature bazaar in aid of the funds of the Illawarra Cottage Hospital [Coledale Hospital].

Mr. H. Fell had kindly given the use of an unused shop for the occasion, while the little ones also received material help from Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Chapman and Mrs. H. Caiger. The adults, be it noted, had nothing to do in the way of directing the operations.

At first it was expected that the children would realise between £8 and £10, but judge of the surprise of all when they were able to announce that the handsome sum of £20, 10 shillings, 6 pence had been gathered in towards the object.

Mrs. Dr. Fetherston performed the official opening ceremony, and upon completion of this duty she was presented with a handsome bouquet of flowers by little Joyce Clayton.

At the conclusion of the bazaar, there were a few small articles left over, and these were auctioned by Mr. J. Thorne at highly satisfactory prices.

Encouraged by the success achieved, on this occasion, the children have decided to conduct another bazaar in a few months’ time.

The stalls were allotted as follows: Plain and Fancy, Alice Nolan, Joyce Caiger, Mary Smith, and Edna Johnston; Refreshment Stall, Vera Chapman, Alma Johnston, Dolly Johnston, Alma Stanford, Esther Caiger, and Hazel Johnston. Mrs. H. Caiger officiated as treasurer.

Chapman baker Clifton Bronwen Chamberlain Collection

Tom Chapman’s Bakery, Clifton. Tom Champman is sitting in the centre of the photo with arms folded and legs crossed. Tom provided the children with “material help” for their fundraiser. Picture: Thanks to Bronwen Chamberlain (Chamberlain Collection)

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