How Green’s Pinch on Bulli Pass got its name

WB GReen

William and Mary Green and family of Bulli Pass. Picture contributed by Bruce MCauley 

EVER wondered how Green Pinch on Bulli Pass got its name?

It was named after William B. Green, who lived there from about 1886 to 1906. With his family, he called ‘The Pass’ home for about 20 years before retiring to Thirroul, where he died in 1926 at the age of 83.

William Green was one time manager of the Mount Keira and Mount Kembla Collieries and for a period of time was licensee of the Terminus Hotel in Wollongong (now Dicey Rileys). This photograph was contributed by Bruce McCauley in December 2014. It shows his great great grandfather W. B. Green, wife Mary and family. There’s his daughter Maggie McCauley behind her mum, sister Florence, Mrs Gibson, William (father of Harold Green host of the Wonoona Royal Hotel) and Ernest next to his dad.



Mother earth has folded to her bosom the form of W. B. Green, of Thirroul, one of the grand old pioneers of Illawarra, and a man universally loved and respected, whose life may be briefly summarised in the above verse.

Although time had snowed his hair and bent his form, his heart was as young as that of a child, and despite his 83 years, he accepted the ills of advancing years with a cheery spirit. To know him was to love him, for his cheery optimism, and good nature acted like a tonic to those of younger years that came in contact with him.

The late Mr. Green was born at Newcastle on Tyne, England, on, February 18th, 1844. He left England for Australia in May, 1863, and landed in New South Wales on the 3rd of September in the same year, being at the time 19 years of age. He started working as a miner at Old Wallsend Colliery, Newcastle, and continued mining and contract shaft sinking until 1872, when he came to the Illawarra District, as manager of the Mount Keira Colliery. He filled that position for 10½ years, leaving it to open up the Mount Kembla Colliery, where he remained for four years.

After occupying the position of agent for Allen and Allen’s Estate, on the Bulli Mountain for 20 years, he retired. During his long residence in the district, the late Mr. Green was closely associated with many public movements, and for 60 years, was a member of tho U.A.O.D. Lodge. He was one of the first to start the Bowling Club at Woonona, and was an enthusiastic bowler until a few years ago, when advancing years relegated him to the position of a spectator at the matches. He was always a welcome visitor to district bowling greens, for his kindly nature won for him hosts of friends that always were pleased to see him. He had been a subscriber to the ‘Illawarra Mercury’ for 50 years.

The late Mr. Green was married in 1865 to Miss Hunter, of Lambton, Newcastle, who predeceased him by 16 years. Five sons, and three daughters survive to mourn the loss of a loving father. In addition there are 29 grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

The surviving members of the family are Messrs. John and George H. Green (Corrimal), William and Arthur K. Green (Thirroul) and Ernest S. Green (Mooreland, North Coast). Mesdames N. J. McKinnon (Woonona). Stuart McCauley (Bulli Pass), Mrs. J. C . Gibson (Thirroul). Messrs. Matthew Green, of Corrimal, and Mr. Benjamin Green, of Newcastle, N.S.W., are brothers. The remains were laid to rest in the Bulli Cemetery on Sunday, being followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of people. To the sorrowing relatives we offer our sympathy and the writer has lost a personal friend of many years standing.

– Illawarra Mercury Friday 30 April 1926

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