Austinmer Surf Club Championships 1937

Austinmer Surf Lifesaving Club Championships 1937 WCC

Austinmer Surf Lifesaving Championship. Austinmer Surf Club members (from left) George Luck, Frank Henry, Ron Henry, Bill ‘Beefy’ Millins. Picture: Wollongong City Libraries

Coast Heats Surf Teams Championship Austinmer Surf Lifesaving Championship Junior surf race 1st 2nd 3rd 1937 WCC

Coast Heats Surf Teams Championship, Austinmer Surf Lifesaving Championship, Junior surf race 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Picture: Wollongong City Libraries


(By Dumper)

WITH seven firsts, three seconds and three thirds to our credit we are very satisfied with our carnival last Saturday from a competitive point of view. It is very hard to single out any particular one for special mention except George Luck (top picture, on the extreme left) whose swim in the R. and R. and the Open Surf Race were probably two of the best seen on our beach for some years, Frank Henry, also did very well to beat Alan Fitzgerald for second place in the latter event. Ron Henry was rewarded for his training and others to do well were Jack Bell, Maurice Shipton, Jack Tuckerman and Evan Davies… The Austinmer Club would like to publicly thank Mr, Bob Wingrove who brought an aeroplane from Sydney entirely at his own expense and gave a thrilling display of acrobatics as well as notifying the competitors and spectators that the water was quite free from sharks. This service was greatly appreciated. One of the most promising runners we have had for a long time, Vince Henry, is to be congratulated on his pass in the Intermediate Examination. If Vince’s long legs don’t win a few beach events before this season is over we will be very much surprised… Patrols for next Sunday, 7-9, R. Flinn, E. Bowater; 9.11, L. Bowater C. Smith; 11-1, R. Henry, G. Ross; 1-3, K. Pickhall, V. Henry; 3-5.30 W Millen, W. Docherty.

– South Coast Times February 5 1937

Surf lifesavers and friends at Bell's Point, Austinmer 1937 WCC

Surf lifesavers and friends at Bell’s Point, Austinmer, 1937. Picture: Wollongong City Libraries


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