Corrimal man stowed-away in Australia-bound ship

Stranded in London, Corrimal man, Alfred Lawrence hid in the bunkers of an Australia-bound ship in an anxious effort to find his way home. Alfred, aged 20, stowed away on the SS Raranga on April 23 1947, hiding in the ship’s bunkers for two days before giving himself up to the crew. The young Corrimal…

£20,000 in forged notes on Bulli Pass

Detective Rogers, of the the C.I.B. Scientific Bureau, examining to-day the water-soaked, rust-stained bundles of the 4,000 counterfeit £5 notes, unearthed by a militiaman at the top of Bulli Pass yesterday. The forgeries were hidden, police say, by the gang of criminals who put 300 counterfeits in circulation just two years ago. -The Sun (Sydney) January 5 1942.