The Demise of Bulli Jetty


Bulli jetty remains 1954

The remains of the Bulli Jetty C1954. The remaining section pictured here collapsed into the sea during the 1960s.

THE heavy seas which were running during the week swept away a portion of the eastern end of the Bulli Colliery Jetty. The seas were too heavy to enable an inspection to be carried out to ascertain the full extent of the damage.

Illawarra Mercury Friday 16 October 1942

The old Bulli jetty, damaged in heavy storms last year, was further demolished and only the frame work was standing on Sunday morning. The beaches from Bulli to Austinmer were strewn with debris from the jetty.
Illawarra Mercury Friday 21 May 1943.


Jetty Down – Four Marooned

FOUR fishermen were marooned for about half an hour on the end of the old Bulli Jetty on Sunday, when about 30ft. of the centre collapsed and fell into the sea.

The portion on which they were fishing is about 50ft. high and the men had to slide down a wire cable into a boat, which had to be rowed out by Messrs. A. Chate and J. Darcey.

Mr. Chate, who lives about 700 yards from the jetty, said he was inside his house when he heard the crash which he described as ‘like thunder.’

Just before the collapse a man and woman had walked across the section which fell into the sea. The concussion killed thousands of small mullet in the channel near the jetty.

Thirroul Surf Life Saving Club sent its surf boat and several members on surf skis to assist in the rescue, but by the time they completed the two miles, the marooned men had been taken ashore in Mr. Chate’s boat.

The jetty, which was formerly used by the A.I.S.’ Colliery, Bulli, for shipping coal, was severely damaged in May, 1943, during the heavy gale which blew the American freighter, City of Boston, onto the rocks, where it was wrecked at Shellharbour. For many years it has been a favourite fishing spot used by local fishermen.

-Illawarra Mercury Thursday 10 February 1949.


A large portion in the centre of the Bulli jetty collapsed and fell into the sea on Sunday afternoon and four fishermen were trapped on the end. They were rescued by a fishing boat which put out from the nearby boat harbour.

This jetty has not been used by ships since 1943 when it was extensively damaged by heavy seas and the end washed away. Since then further damage has been caused by storms but it has remained a popular spot for fishermen.

When the jetty collapsed Thirroul Surf Club sent its surf boat to the rescue of the stranded men but in the meantime the fishing boat had reached the scene and the men slid down a cable into the boat.

South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus Thursday 10 February 1949.


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