Lucky Bulli Public School winner

brian guest 1954

Thirteen-year-old Bulli schoolboy, Brian [ Bryan] Guest, looks happy as he receives a brand new Speedwell super sports model bicycle from Mr. W. Simpson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of J. Parkinson Pty Ltd (extreme left of photo).

The bicycle was first prize in Parkinson’s bottle drive competition which concluded in December and in which hundreds of boys and girls from all over the Illawarra district took part.

Brian’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Guest (at right) and Mr. S. Brackenbridge, manager of the Wollongong branch of Bennett and Wood Pty Ltd, are taking a keen interest in the proceedings. This bottle drive was conducted over a period of seven weeks and Brian topped the score with 123 dozen.

– South Coast Times February 1 1954.

Facebook Comments

April 15 2019: Julia Marshall – “Wow that’s my Brother Bryan he was taken into the shop they said now get any bike you want, he ended up working there his first job then went on to Marcus Clark’s in Crown street in financial office then Detective Superintendent in Federal Police 35 yrs still working in the senate my sister Myra and myself so proud of him.”

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